Within These Woods

This second edition is set for publication early Spring 2021.


A collection of northwoods nature essays with original illustrations by the author.


"We do not own these woods. They own us" - Timothy Goodwin


“In Within These Woods Dr. Tim Goodwin has woven together a tapestry sure to delight those who seek a deeper understanding of the North Country. The science is sound, the writing evocative,  and the illustrations add a touch of personal artistry. But it is the love of place, a love that many will share and find so beautifully expressed, that ties everything together and makes this volume a treasure for any cabin book shelf. It will have a place on mine.”   -Douglas Wood


With the eye of a biologist and the soul of an artist, Tim Goodwin guides the reader on a personal and educational journey through the Northwoods of the Great Lakes Region.   He reflects on the elegance of the evolutionary process and the interconnectedness of all living things. At times a microscopic examination of the forest floor, and at others a far-reaching gaze into the wonders of a night sky. Goodwin explores this enchanted place and the delicate dance its history, geology, and organisms have performed  since before recorded time. Along the way, he asks the hard questions about stewardship and spirituality that only connecting to nature and understanding our place in it can begin to answer.


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Within These Woods

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