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Cate Belleveau

Author of Kayak Cate

Kayak Cate by Cate Belleveau

Cate Belleveau

Cate Belleveau resides on 160 acres of meadows, forests, and beaver ponds in northern Minnesota. She is ever grateful for a father who took his progeny on extended trips hiking the Canadian wilderness, canoeing, and exploring the Great American West. Deeply afflicted with wanderlust which has taken her to teach in New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, and to connect with Japanese teachers on a Fulbright fellowship, she has also explored many other places around the world. Cate has enjoyed kayaking in Greece, trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp, as well as in South America and Europe. She is grateful that her husband encouraged her to explore her own backyard with its world class beauty. Cate holds a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources/Environmental Education and spent the majority of her professional life as a Director of Gifted Education for the Cass Lake/Bena Schools on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. Cate started a travel blog to encourage women past 50 to stay active and get out of doors for the great medicine it provides. Other interests are taking part in poetry slams, and she co-founded the Bemidji Sculpture Walk with her sculptor husband as well as the Mask and Rose Theater and Belle Thalia Creative Arts Space. Her three adult children all are travelers which gives her considerable joy.

Learn more about Kayak Cate, and view further images from her adventures here:

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