"Returning to nature has been a dream present in the minds of every generation since mankind first left nature."

Daniel J. Rice

Founding Publisher

Author of:

This Side of a Wilderness (2013)

The Unpeopled Season (2014)

Young but Free (coming soon)

Editor of:

Awake in the World V.I & V.II

One-Sentence Journal

Teachers in the Forest

Within These Woods

Road to Ponemah

Familiar Waters


Barry Babcock

Author of:

Teachers in the Forest (2015)

Book of Bonga (coming soon)

Erika Bailey-Johnson

Author of:

Ninisidawenimaag: I See Many Things (2019)

Tyler Dunning

Director of Development

Author of:

A Field Guide to Losing your Friends (2017)

Editor of:

Awake in the World VII


Michael Meuers

Author of:

Road to Ponemah (2015)

Randie Adams

Author of:

Wildland Wildfires, and where the wildlife go (2019)

Chris La Tray

Author of:

One-Sentence Journal (2018)

Winner of:

2018 Montana Book Award

2019 High Plains Book Award


Timothy Goodwin

Author of:

Within These Woods (2015)

Ecological Identity (2016)

David Stuver

Author of:

Familiar Waters: 50 years of fly fishing Montana streams (coming soon)

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