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David Stuver

David Stuver

Author of Familiar Waters: A lifetime of fly fishing Montana

Familiar Waters

David Stuver


David Stuver was raised at a Montana ranch on the Powder River. He received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Montana State University. He and his wife Jean raised four children, including twin daughters, one of whom passed away at a young age.

Stuver worked as an Agricultural Federal Loan Officer for thirty-six years. During his career he fly fished the Bighorn trout waters around Helena, and prairie ponds in Northern and Eastern Montana. He has lived in central Montana in Lewistown for thirty-four years, retired for nineteen years, and has fished locations including the Yellowstone Park region and the area East of Glacier Park. He guided fly fishermen in Montana for more than fifteen years.

An interest in all aspects of trout fishing led to the investigation of hatches and the development of successful imitations, with this book representing a lifetime of fishing observations and an interest in other outdoor activities and wildlife. Other interests include family visits to the home ranch, which is now operated by a brother.

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