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Open Submissions

Riverfeet Press is pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our next anthology: Awake in the World, Volume III. The previous two volumes, released in 2017 and 2019, found success through a collective 80+ writers, from nine countries, with both volumes becoming best sellers at several independent bookstores, and Volume I being sold in Yellowstone National Park gift shops. With our third volume, we are excited to continue promoting the work of nature-oriented writers and growing the anthology series.

For our third volume, we’d like submissions to focus on experiences/interpretations of wildlife, wilderness and the environment. This can range from changes in once familiar places, outdoor experiences (or lack of them) during quarantine, the discovery of new local haunts, the silver lining to slowing down, observed environmental changes, chance wildlife encounters, etc. Submissions may be fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Previously published content will be considered.

A main purpose with this anthology is to help promote our contributing writers. If your work is chosen, we will include an author bio/headshot and links to other promotional material you may have. Authors will retain full copyrights to their work. Contributing writers will also receive a 40% discount on print copies for personal use or distribution through their sales channels.

Three winners will also be selected for this anthology, one in each category: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Winners will receive five free copies of Riverfeet Press books (please see our title list for reference: In addition to the books, the winners are eligible for full manuscript consideration for future publication through Riverfeet Press. Winners and contributors will be selected by the following Editor/Judges:

Poetry Editor – Mara Panich

Mara is a writer, artist, and bookseller in Missoula, MT. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and English from Purdue University and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Montana. Her work has been published in Awake in the World, V.II, CutBank Online, The Missoulian, several anthologies, plus a forthcoming collection of poetry.

Non-Fiction Editor – Tyler Dunning

Tyler is the author of A Field Guide to Losing Your Friends (Riverfeet Press, 2017); a contributor to Awake in the World, V.1; an editor of Volume II; has written for REI, Reserve America, The Gap, and MGM Studios; and is the admin of the 40k-member Facebook group "Exploring the US National Parks." Tyler grew up in southwestern Montana, having developed a feral curiosity and reflective personality at a young age. This mindset has led him around the world, to nearly all of the U.S. national parks, and to the darker recesses of his own creativity. He’s dabbled in such occupations as professional wrestling, archaeology, social justice advocacy, and academia. At his core he is a writer. Find his work at

Fiction Editor – Daniel J. Rice

Daniel holds a degree in Environmental Science, and is the founding publisher of Riverfeet Press. He has edited Awake in the World Volumes I & II, The Montana Book Award winner (One-Sentence Journal, 2018), plus nine other titles that focus on outdoor adventure, wildlife and the environment. He is the author of The Unpeopled Season and This Side of a Wilderness. Currently he lives in Livingston, MT, where he spends his time camping and fishing the Beartooth Mountains.


Please submit your work as a .doc/.docx, with 12-point font, and double spaced.

Fiction: Please submit a single work of fiction up to ten-thousand words

Non-Fiction: Please submit a single work of non-fiction up to ten-thousand words.

Poetry: Please submit up to three selections of poetry in a single document.

Submission will close on Sept. 01, 2021. Our short-list of selected submissions will be announced on October 03, 2021. Final selections will be announced on Nov. 1, 2021.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Riverfeet Press prior to submitting work. You can do so by visiting our website or by ordering a copy of Awake in the World, V.1 or V.2 at

By submitting to Awake in the World, V.III, you receive a discounted rate of $12 for Volumes I & II , which includes shipping. You can add this to your submission here, and we will ship you the books right away.


Submission fees will go towards production & marketing of this title.

Submit your work here: Submittable/Riverfeet Press

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