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A Yard Long

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“I resolved to stop and smell the roses, see the mammals, hear the birds, feel the sun’s warmth and the wind’s chill. I would remember the invertebrates.”


On a small urban lot in North Central Washington state, Sampson searches for “the universe in a grain of sand.” She searches amidst the regional geology formed by cataclysms of unimaginable magnitude, including volcanic eruptions, mountains thrust up by shifting tectonic plates, carving by ice caps, and the inundation of floods after the disappearance of that ice. From the finite to the infinite, she explores the interconnectedness of subterranean insects, weeds and edible plants, lizards, birds, fungus, mammals and weather. Glowing with words of marvel and appreciation for the variety and persistence of life, and its relationship to organisms from around the world, like moss spores carried in the river of air, all observed in a small plot of land.

A Yard Long

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