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Awake in the World, V.1

A collection of stories, essays, and poems about wildlife, adventure, and the environment.

Includes the work of over 40 writers from seven countries.


“Leave room in your dry-bag, boat-box, rucksack, even fishing vest, for this rich collection of voices.” 
— CHRIS DOMBROWSKI, author of Body of Water


“The varied and diverse voices in this compelling anthology implore us to be awake in the world, to value wildness and wilderness, not to simply acknowledge but to embrace the many species with which we share the planet. With the help of these poems and stories, you’ll find yourself immersed in elemental ways, baptized by the planet’s life-blood.” -TODD DAVIS, author of Winterkill and In the Kingdom of the Ditch


Prefer to order from Barnes & Noble? Find it here: Awake in the World

Awake in the World, V.1

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