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Awake in the World, V.3


The third installment of this best-selling anthology. A perfect companion for your hiking bag, travel pack and camp chair. This collection of stories, essays and poems includes work from more than thirty writers about wildlife, wilderness and the environment. 


Selected and edited by: 

Mara Panich (author of Blood is Not the Water) || Poetry 

Tyler Dunning (author of A Field Guide to Losing Your Friends) || Non-fiction 

Daniel J. Rice (author of The Unpeopled Season) || Fiction 


Includes the work of: 

Chris La Tray (Montana Poet Laureate, 2023-Present), author of One-Sentence Journal

Irene Cooper author of Committal 

Mark Gibbons, Montana Poet Laureate 2021-2023

Michael Garrigan, author of Robbing the Pillars and River, Amen 

Todd Davis, author of Coffin Honey and Native Species 

Scott McMillion, author of Mark of the Grizzly and editor of Montana Quarterly 


Plus, work from Logan James Campbell, Valerie Innella Maiers, Daniel P. Hoffman, Dazar Frihet, and many more.

Awake in the World, V.3

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