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Burnt Tree Fork

2020 Book Excellence Award Finalist.

“Using a mythical stream in the far-off mountains of West Virginia as his central metaphor, Bonnell masterfully weaves a haunting tale of idealism and young love mixed with betrayal, revenge and murder.”

  - James Anderson, Yellowstone Angler


Although Lee Jarrett dreads facing it, it’s looking more and more like his own grandfather is a double murderer who has never been caught. As beloved as he is to Lee, this is a transgression that, no matter the circumstances, his grandson cannot forgive.
Lee discovers a map showing the far wilderness where his grandfather once lived when the murders occurred, a drawing that he hopes, among other things, might hold answers to the old man’s guilt or innocence.
Following said map, however, is a life-threatening gamble. Bud, a restaurant owner near those same mountains, had cautioned Lee once about venturing into that country, saying, “Wouldn’t try it if I was you, young feller. Never forgive myself if I heard the Demon had you for supper one night.”
Then too, there was the ominous warning at the bottom of the map itself: “When stone runs blood and dies the flood, there be your prize but the Demon lies.”


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Burnt Tree Fork

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