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Life List

2020 Montana Book Award Honor Book.

2021 Spur Award Finalist.


“A beautiful collection of poetry crafted for the eco-nature lover.” -Montana Book Award Committee


What is the soul if not the sum of the flights of a thousand birds?


A kind of field guide in poetry, Life List pays tribute to the birds that have flown through Beaudin’s years of watching and listening, through his “vain attempts to render in language the precarious circumstances of being alive.” With a sharp critique of environmental, social and political issues, along with haunting ruminations on loss, love and the passing of time, these poems fill the skies with a feathered grace.


“Passionate yet mature, this is Beaudin’s most inspired and finest work. Every Montanan should own it, and every birder. Every reader.”

  – Rick Bass


Watch a video of the artist, Storrs Bishop, creating an original monotype of a Northern Crested Caracara, plus order reproductions here: Storrs Bishop

Life List

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