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Mount Spokane Poet

Robert Roberg wrote his first story at age ten, “The Bride
of Frankenstein.” He was drawn to poetry in the 8th grade
and discovered in his all-boy’s high school that most of
them hated it. Mount Spokane has always inspired him.
He had his first poem published about the mountain in
the school’s literary journal. It was a dark poem where
the poet has gone to the mountain to take his life and the
mountain convinces him to live. In high school he won a
prize among all high schools in the city of Spokane for a
humorous piece he wrote about the kind of teacher no
one wants but everyone gets. Later, the teacher flunked
him. In college, at Gonzaga University, he discovered other
poetry lovers and loved to join in the public readings.
As his life proceeded, he became a Community Developer
in Peru, and an English teacher in Guatemala, Colombia,
Spain, Tunisia, China, and the USA. He met his French Canadian
wife in Mexico and they have 5 children. He is retired
and living in Florida. He never set out to be a painter
or singer, but has two paintings in the Smithsonian, and
a few albums of his songs are available on several media
outlets. He says his greatest writing is called “The Gospel
of El Shaddai” a harmony of the four Gospels available on
Academia edu.

Mount Spokane Poet

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