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Young but Free


Young but Free, by Dazar Frihet


Coming autumn 2023.


 A young man lives in a big city and experiences the struggles and conflicts of that lifestyle. It is a busy life, and he finds himself thrust into a group of criminals. Every chance he gets, he retreats to the outdoors and spends time alone in wild places. Here he finds balance, and reconnects to the person he is inside. These interludes with nature are always brief, and as he returns to his city life, he slowly loses that balance, and becomes a person he feels to have no control over. As his life continues to spiral deeper into the criminal world, and the danger of his activities threaten either life in prison or an early death, he contemplates a strategy to escape it all and return to the wild full-time.

Young but Free

$18.00 Regular Price
$16.20Sale Price
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