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Professional Publishing Services

We are in this book together.

Riverfeet Press offers professional publishing services to prepare your book for readers. We will work closely with you to provide professional editing, top-notch design and layout, consultation, printing and distribution.

There are three steps in converting a potential reader who is perusing the shelves, into a confirmed reader who has purchased your book.

1. Cover design. They say you can't judge a book by its cover. We say you can certainly sell a book by its cover. We will create a book cover that stands out on the shelf, and that potential reader will be compelled to reach for it.

2. Paper quality. Once that potential reader has picked up your book, the next thing they realize is how great it feels in their hand. We print our books on high quality paper types, sourced specifically for the creative intent of each project. When that potential reader holds your book in their hand, they will recognize its professional value.

3. Content. There is no replacement for good content, but without the first two (cover design and paper quality), that potential reader may never know what's inside your book. We are very selective of the projects we work on. Unlike other publishing service providers, we will only take on a project if we are drawn to the subject material and writing style. We are in this together - our reputation as a publisher relies on the quality of your work, just as your reputation as a writer relies on the quality of your book. If you have content that draws us in, we will work closely with you through the editorial process until your words shine on the page and linger in the readers' mind.

Design Services: We have a team of graphic designers who will create eye-catching covers and layout the interior book files including photos, typesetting and other project-specific design elements. We work closely with the author throughout this process to ensure we are demonstrating their creative intent.

Printing: We believe that a book can't rely solely on good cover art when it comes to generating the interest of a reader. It should also feel great in their hand. We enjoy sourcing cover paper that will give the book a unique texture and provide the reader with a feeling of quality. Whether it be a children's book, paperback novel, memoir or educational textbook, we can print it to exceed the professional standards your reader will expect.

Editorial Services: We offer editorial services to match the spectrum of your project. From content editing, copy editing, line editing and proofreading, we will work closely with you as the final pair of unbiased eyes to prepare your words for an audience.

Distribution: Our authors have sold books in sixteen countries. Through our distribution program we will make your book available to online retailers, brick-and-mortar shops, libraries and educational outlets.

Consultation: There are a lot of steps to creating a high quality book that readers will appreciate. Many independent authors nowadays take short cuts, and their project fails because of this. We will act as your project manager to establish an order of operations, deadlines, and we are knowledgeable to assist with any questions you have about the process.

Entire Package: While some projects may only require one or two of the services listed above, we truly enjoy working with the author through the entire publishing process to create a book both the writer, and ourselves, can be proud of - and, more importantly, the readers will enjoy and recognize for its professional quality.

If you have a book project and would like to know more about our publishing services, please fill in the contact form at the link below. We have a team of talented professionals who are passionate about creating high quality books, and we never go to print until both the author and ourselves are fully satisfied with the product.

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