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Selected stories from a lifetime of adventure writing

Harpole's stories have been widely published everywhere from the Smithsonian to Sports Illustrated, and locally in the Montana Quarterly. This collection will hold 17 of his most popular pieces - ranging in adventures from Montana, Alaska, Russia and beyond.

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Early reviews:

“…Tom Harpole is what you might call a thinking man’s Evel Knievel … Not many folks can so casually catalogue a long list of traumas they’ve heaped upon themselves and still maintain the glint in their eye. Tom Harpole of Helena has logged a lot of crazy and interesting stories in the journal of his life.”

- Aaron Parrett (Montana Senior News)

“Whether he's freefalling over the Ukraine with a band of Cosmonaut skydivers, riding shotgun on winter passage up the world's most treacherous ice road, or just kicking back to explain the nuances of high angle Mach 2 pasture sledding, the sheer breadth of experience Harpole explores in this collection is enough to take your breath away. The fact Tom's also a first-class writer sets these essays light years apart from the norm.”

- Fred Haefele author of REBUILDING THE INDIAN

“You may think you’ve done some crazy shit in your life, but you haven’t met Tom Harpole. This collection of adventures will make you laugh, cry and think; which is pretty much all you can ask of a good book.”

- Dave Ames, author of True Love and the wooly Bugger

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